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What are the main differences between public and private health insurance?

Insurance untangled: this is how public and private insurance are different.

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Private health

Public health


Speed of medical appointments

Doctors typically reserve appointments for private patients

Comprehensive cover

Dental add-on recommended for public health

Pregnancy cover

Identical cover

Sick pay

Optional add-on

You can select the add-on when getting your quote

Insurance card

Check out our plans to see the extensive comparison of the coverage of public and private health insurance.

What happens when you're sick?

Sick pay is a component of any public health coverage but needs to be added to private health coverage. For the first 42 days of your sick leave, your employer will continue to pay your salary. After that, your sick pay kicks in.

How does the payment work?

Under public health insurance, the monthly cost is automatically deducted from your pay slip.

Does my employer contribute to private health coverage?

German employers pay for up to 50% of private health coverage with a monthly cost of up to approx. €480. If your or your family's plan(s) exceed(s) this amount, your employer is responsible for only €480.

How can you claim medical bills under private health insurance?

Simply submit a photo of the invoice and any additional information through your Feather account, and the provider will process it within 1-3 weeks. If more information is needed, our support team will get in touch. Once the claim is processed, you will find a statement in your Feather account.

Tip: No matter if you have public or private health coverage, you can avoid overcharging by asking your doctor to stick to their fee schedule.

If you have any additional questions, our support team is right there to help!

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